If you happen to have a relatively small flat and you cannot help but merging the dining room and the kitchen, that is just fine. All you have to do is finding the perfect modern dining room and kitchen design which can save you form your design problem. Nowadays, in fact, we can frequently see how the dining room and kitchen are being merged for the space effectiveness. One good example of this modern dining room and kitchen idea is what YCL Studio did with an apartment in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Having a limited space is ot a problem for them, but they turn it into an opportunity to be creative. You can see from the picture that the dining table and the kitchen is beautifully and smoothly merged into one room by a levitating table. This table is just amazingly creative and a perfect table for a lovely dinner at night. The table is made from an oak wood which is well-known for its sturdiness and durability. The surface is covered by white granite countertops which will make sure that the stain or any other liquids are not going to seep through the wood.

Andrius Stepankevičius perfectly shows that through the picture that this dining room-kitchen design is a good idea for everyone. Even though the color is dominated by black, white and the walnut tone, but you can always shake things a little bit by having some bright-colored dining chairs, which the designer did in this design. The designer takes some bright yellow dining chairs to balance the soft color dominance. Another good thing that we can learn by this design is the lighting. If you happen to have a long dining table like this, it will be highly efficient if you pick a large dining lamp like what you see from the pictures. In fact, modern dining room and kitchen design can be very simple!