Kitchen knife sharpening tools are necessary things to have for chef. Besides, you also need them for cooking at home. Knife for kitchen is simple and plain with less curve shape due to practical purpose. Chef may have more than one knife, but sharpening process is quite similar. In order to get the sharp knife, you need to choose method and tool properly.

Dull blade will make many problems during food preparation and cooking. You cannot force and cut ingredients accurately, particularly the thicker and hard ones. One of dangerous things is slippery because your arm cannot grasp firmly. If this happens, the knife will cut wrong line or missing mark. As you know, better cutting increases the chance for having good cooking. Moreover, chefs cannot show their cooking skill and capability without the right knife.

One of popular kitchen knife sharpening tools is metal rod. It comes alongside the knife site when you purchase at store. Metal rode has two parts, rod and handler, for sharpening blade manually. It is simple tool, but very practical for daily basis sharpening process. Unfortunately, some people do not use it properly that make it less functional. You need to hold its handler upside down to let it stands vertically. Use one hand to hold it and another one to keep the knife. The next step is a little bit tricky because you need to scrap or swipe the knife directly on this rod. Choose angle between fifteen and twenty degree for slowly swipe. Increase the blade movement toward this rod, but keep steady without moving the rod itself. This process will scrap metal on blade then keep the edge in check.

Using metal rod has certain downsides, especially for the very dull knife. In this case, you need other kitchen knife sharpening tools. There are two options: manual and electric. As you know, the rod belongs to manual mode. For electric sharpener, you will see sharpening parts more than one. The process is simple, easy, and straightforward. You just insert knife inside sharpening loop then activate its device. One benefit is less time and the knife will look sharp as new.

Well, whetstone is the old tool to reduce dull edge. This is not easy method for beginner because you have to maintain focus during sharpening process. However, the result is excellent and the sharp edge is able to stand for longer period. Whetstone is what you need to choose as kitchen knife sharpening tools if want to understand the sharpening art.