Anytime we feel like decorating our kid’s bedroom, we just cannot resist thecolorful kid’s room design we see on the architecture magazine or the home design website. They are simply lovely and breathtaking. Sometimes we cannot even believe that someone can create something so creative, cheerful, and perfect for kids. Besides, decorating kid’s room can be the best chance for us to experiment with many colors that we have not even tried before. Once you can successfully deal with the colors you have in mind with your kid’s room, then you can paint other room with those colors too.

Some pictures you see is a good example of a cheerfully colorful kid’s room you may want to try at your home. It is in fact a kid’s room in one of the apartment in South End of Boston. The room is beautifully arranged by an architect named Chris Grimley. One great aspect of the room which we should not take for granted is the simplicity of the design. It is so simple and still manage to look sophisticated for a kid’s room. Apparently, the main key of this home design is the selection of the colorful painted wall and floor carpet.

Actually, you may see that the main color of the house is white. This color makes it easier for the designer to deal with the kid’s room since white can just go with any colors. Hence, the designer is creatively taking the painted wall to separate the kid’s room with any other rooms at the house. In fact, that works. This simple painted wall can bring a different dimension of the room and automatically differ the kid’s room with other rooms. The room is then equipped with a colorful floor carpet to match the wall. You can put a working table for your kids and a bookshelf for their dolls and books. So what do you think? Designing a colorful kid’s room can be so simple, right?