No matter what you are going to do with your living room design, a gray couch will never disappoint you. Gray is one of the neutral color which can perfectly blend with any other colors. Besides, according to some color experts, gray is a good color choice for bringing in the warmth and the comfort into the room, primarily for living room : a place where you and you family have the quality time. Making sure that you have a nice couch with sophisticated look is your first job!

One good reference for you might be what you see here. It is an apartment located in Vilnius, Lithuania. The apartment is 117 square meter and the living room is beautifully and creatively designed by YCL Studio. The living room is mainly dominated by some soft colors, such as gray, white, and even walnut tones. The pictures, taken by Andrius Stepankevičius, perfectly depicts how thegray couch in this living room design can easily steal our attention to sit on it. It is just lovely.

As you may see from the pictures that the living room is quite large. This means that you have to take the perfect couch for the room which can make the room visually smaller and not empty. The designer in this living room design deals with this problem very well. The couch is sectional sofa which is perfect for this type of the room. This kind of couch can make fill in the space tidily and well. Plus the shape is available in many options. As the color of the room has been dominated by soft colors, it is a good idea to give a different touch on the couch, such as having some yellow couch cushions. It will be just perfect. Afterall, the main focus in this room is the gray couch.