If you are a big fan of black, you should probably interested in this black dining room design. It was created by Chris Grimley, a house designer who works for an architecture company. The dining room you are looking at through the pictures is part of an apartment in Boston. You may have known that black is one of the coolest color in room design. It is simply because black can be so simple, but also so elegant at the very same time. Most of the time, people will turn to black when they have no personal color preference in mind.

Black dining room design which is shown in the picture is a good example of how a simple dining room design can be so beautiful with a simple touch. As you may have seen form the picture, the main color of the house is actually white. You can see that almost everything is painted white, such as the ceiling, most of the walls, and even the floor. In this case, the designer is trying to give a different look in the dining room by contrasting the white with the black. A very simple idea, but highly effective.

We can learn from the picture that we can start with the wall color. You can paint the dining room wall black. Let the ceiling stay white so that you can have a good lighting at night. Once you have done with the wall, you can find some wall pictures to hang in the wall. This will add up the style of the room. The final step is picking the dining table. In this case, it will be better to pick the modern and simple one. Black will work the best when it comes to something simple. Finally, here you go, you get yourself a beautiful black dining room for your house.