Who is Eligible to Apply?
Applicants for a SAHCS consultation may be 1) healthcare providers (hospitals, hospices, medical schools, clinics, nursing homes, et al) or 2) arts organizations (arts councils, arts agencies, groups of artists, et al) working in partnership with a healthcare agency. Applications are welcome from both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.

Examples of eligible projects:

  1. A hospital, nursing home, hospice, clinic or other facility-based institution wishing to establish an arts in healthcare or cultural services program and seeking help in getting started.

  2. An arts in healthcare or cultural services program is already in place at the healthcare facility, and there is a desire to revisit mission, vision, and goals. Or expansion may be the focus; for example, a hospital may have a really fine permanent art collection and interest has now developed in starting a program of performances or of writers working with patients at the bedside.

  3. A healthcare provider has started or plans to start a project to incorporate the arts into its services beyond the walls of the facility. Such a provider might be a clinic wishing to incorporate the arts into a health education program for school children or a visiting nurse service wishing to start an arts program for homebound seniors.

  4. A healthcare institution is planning a new building or is considering major expenditures on the installation of art or gardens.

  5. An arts group is interested in collaborating with a healthcare organization such as a hospital, hospice, or cancer patient support program to, for example, establish a cooperative art gallery, extend its artist in residence program into a healthcare setting, or offer creative writing classes to staff and patients.

  6. A healthcare institution is interested in starting or expanding a “hands-on” patient art program utilizing artists in residence and/or arts therapists.

Who are the Consultants?
The SAHCS consultants are established professionals in the arts in healthcare who were selected by application to exemplify the wide variety of skills and interests represented among the SAH membership. Their areas of expertise include art and aging; arts and humanities in medical education; the visual, literary, and performing arts in hospitals and hospices; the arts therapies; arts for people with disabilities; and the training and guidance of artists working in healthcare settings. The consultants have completed an intensive training program that was developed in collaboration with the Arts Extension Service of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

How to Apply for a SAHCS Consultant
Fill out the application form (please type) and answer the questions on the Application Instructions page in a maximum of three pages. Send the original and one copy of your application to the SAH office at 1229 15th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005.

We actually prefer that you send your application via email. You may request an application form via email at healart@teleport.com. If you apply via email, please follow the application format. We will need the original signature of the authorizing official, so if you do apply by email, please send a hard copy as well to the above address.

We will begin accepting applications on September 1, 2000. All consultations must be completed by May 1, 200l. The goal of the SAH office is to respond to applicants within one month of receipt of the application.

Selection Criteria

The selection panel will consider the following:

  • Quality of the proposed project/program

  • Need for the project/program

  • Need for SAHCS consultant services in creating the plan for the proposed project/program

  • Skills and knowledge that you want the SAHCS consultant to provide

  • Demonstration of resources devoted to the project/program (staff time, space, funding, et al)

  • Probability that the proposed project/program will be carried out

  • SAHCS goals of geographic and programmatic diversity

If Your Application is Successful
If the selection panel approves your request, the SAH office will recommend one or more consultants who would be appropriate for your organization's needs. You may contact any or all of those recommended to help you determine with whom you wish to work, what the consultant can do to help, and when the consultation should take place.

After you select a consultant and you both come to an understanding about the scope and timing of the visit, the consultant will prepare a “Letter of Agreement.” Upon your approval, you will sign the letter and mail it to the SAH office. Upon our review, we will mail copies of the signed letter to both you and consultant, at which point the consultation may begin.

After the consultation has been completed the consultant will send a final written report to you and to the SAH office. You and the consultant will both be asked to fill out a simple evaluation form.

What Does the Consultation Cost?
SAH will pay the consultant fee for the equivalent of two eight-hour days on site. (You may break up those two days in any way that is agreeable to both you and the consultant.) You will pay travel, on-site expenses (such as meal costs and lodging), and other out-of-pocket expenses (such as long distance phone calls, copies, faxes) as described in the letter of agreement. After you and the consultant come to an agreement about travel and on-site arrangements, it is your responsibility to make and pay for those arrangements directly.

If you should wish to engage the SAH consultant beyond the two-day limit of this NEA grant-funded program, you may negotiate the continued relationship directly with the consultant.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Society for the Arts in Healthcare office by email at healart@teleport.com or by phone at 202-244-8088.

The Society for the Arts in Healthcare gratefully acknowledges the support of the National Endowment for the Arts for this Leadership Initiative program.

The Society wishes to acknowledge that the Consulting Service is modeled on the Peer Advisory Network developed by the North Carolina Arts Council and Arts North Carolina. We are grateful for the help and guidance of the staff of both organizations.

The Society also extends thanks to Craig Dreeszen and the Arts Extension Service of the University of Massachusetts for their collaboration in developing the consultant training program.

SAH/NEA Leadership Initiative Task Force
Lynn Kable, Helen Orem, Janice Palmer, Maggie Price, and Elaine Sims

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