Unchewable dog beds are on the rise in the market. Dog owners prefer this type of bed because it can last longer than regular dog bed. Some dogs may have uncontrollable chewing behavior. It can destroy the bed quickly. The price of dog bed is not cheap to begin with. Continuously buying new bedding will put a hole in your wallet sooner than later. Several dog beds that are chew-resistant can be great while others may not be as good. Let’s find out some of the best ones.

Tuff Bed Crate Pad

This bed is designed for dogs that are light to moderate chewers. Moreover, this chew proof dog bed cover is made of rip stop ballistic material and bedding is stuffed with polyester. It is able to handle water, hair, dirt, and moderate chewing well. It is a pretty convenient bed you can carry around anywhere. It simply needs to be folded it if you are going to bring it to travel.

K-9 Indestructible Bed

It is one of unchewable dog beds made of 1680 denier nylon material. This material made this bed can withstand excessive chewing, bad smell, water, and dirt. Therefore, you have the option to place this dog bed outdoor or indoor according to your needs. When you buy this bed, you need to assemble it. The instructions are pretty simple to follow, though, so you do not need to worry.

Titan Chew Proof Bed

This dog bed is stuffed with memory foam. It feels comfortable to lie on because this bed will follow the shape of its occupant. If you have a big dog that is more of moderate chewer, this dog bed will suit you perfectly. This bed can be moved around easily and can be placed indoor or outdoor.

Chew Resistant Pet Bed with Mesh Center

The mesh center equipped in this bed makes it perfect for furry dog or those who live in warmer climate. It is able to keep the temperature cool so your dog will not get overheated. This is one of the elevated unchewable dog beds that are known to be able withstanding dirt and chewing. The assembly process is not complicated at all.

There are many dog beds offered in the market nowadays. You should consider your dog’s breed and personality when buying the bed. Nonetheless, unchewable dog beds are great investment since they are low maintenance and can last longer.