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Month: August 2018

Unchewable Dog Beds, the Best Choices for Aggressive Chewers

Unchewable Dog Beds, the Best Choices for Aggressive Chewers

Unchewable dog beds are on the rise in the market. Dog owners prefer this type of bed because it can last longer than regular dog bed. Some dogs may have uncontrollable chewing behavior. It can destroy the bed quickly. The price of dog bed is not cheap to begin with. Continuously buying new bedding will put a hole in your wallet sooner than later. Several dog beds that are chew-resistant can be great while others may not be as good. Let’s find out some of the best ones.

Tuff Bed Crate Pad

This bed is designed for dogs that are light to moderate chewers. Moreover, this chew proof dog bed cover is made of rip stop ballistic material and bedding is stuffed with polyester. It is able to handle water, hair, dirt, and moderate chewing well. It is a pretty convenient bed you can carry around anywhere. It simply needs to be folded it if you are going to bring it to travel.

K-9 Indestructible Bed

It is one of unchewable dog beds made of 1680 denier nylon material. This material made this bed can withstand excessive chewing, bad smell, water, and dirt. Therefore, you have the option to place this dog bed outdoor or indoor according to your needs. When you buy this bed, you need to assemble it. The instructions are pretty simple to follow, though, so you do not need to worry.

Titan Chew Proof Bed

This dog bed is stuffed with memory foam. It feels comfortable to lie on because this bed will follow the shape of its occupant. If you have a big dog that is more of moderate chewer, this dog bed will suit you perfectly. This bed can be moved around easily and can be placed indoor or outdoor.

Chew Resistant Pet Bed with Mesh Center

The mesh center equipped in this bed makes it perfect for furry dog or those who live in warmer climate. It is able to keep the temperature cool so your dog will not get overheated. This is one of the elevated unchewable dog beds that are known to be able withstanding dirt and chewing. The assembly process is not complicated at all.

There are many dog beds offered in the market nowadays. You should consider your dog’s breed and personality when buying the bed. Nonetheless, unchewable dog beds are great investment since they are low maintenance and can last longer.

Gray Couch For A Large Living Room

Gray Couch For A Large Living Room

No matter what you are going to do with your living room design, a gray couch will never disappoint you. Gray is one of the neutral color which can perfectly blend with any other colors. Besides, according to some color experts, gray is a good color choice for bringing in the warmth and the comfort into the room, primarily for living room : a place where you and you family have the quality time. Making sure that you have a nice couch with sophisticated look is your first job!

One good reference for you might be what you see here. It is an apartment located in Vilnius, Lithuania. The apartment is 117 square meter and the living room is beautifully and creatively designed by YCL Studio. The living room is mainly dominated by some soft colors, such as gray, white, and even walnut tones. The pictures, taken by Andrius Stepankevičius, perfectly depicts how thegray couch in this living room design can easily steal our attention to sit on it. It is just lovely.

As you may see from the pictures that the living room is quite large. This means that you have to take the perfect couch for the room which can make the room visually smaller and not empty. The designer in this living room design deals with this problem very well. The couch is sectional sofa which is perfect for this type of the room. This kind of couch can make fill in the space tidily and well. Plus the shape is available in many options. As the color of the room has been dominated by soft colors, it is a good idea to give a different touch on the couch, such as having some yellow couch cushions. It will be just perfect. Afterall, the main focus in this room is the gray couch.

A Colorful Kid’s Room Idea For Your House

A Colorful Kid’s Room Idea For Your House

Anytime we feel like decorating our kid’s bedroom, we just cannot resist thecolorful kid’s room design we see on the architecture magazine or the home design website. They are simply lovely and breathtaking. Sometimes we cannot even believe that someone can create something so creative, cheerful, and perfect for kids. Besides, decorating kid’s room can be the best chance for us to experiment with many colors that we have not even tried before. Once you can successfully deal with the colors you have in mind with your kid’s room, then you can paint other room with those colors too.

Some pictures you see is a good example of a cheerfully colorful kid’s room you may want to try at your home. It is in fact a kid’s room in one of the apartment in South End of Boston. The room is beautifully arranged by an architect named Chris Grimley. One great aspect of the room which we should not take for granted is the simplicity of the design. It is so simple and still manage to look sophisticated for a kid’s room. Apparently, the main key of this home design is the selection of the colorful painted wall and floor carpet.

Actually, you may see that the main color of the house is white. This color makes it easier for the designer to deal with the kid’s room since white can just go with any colors. Hence, the designer is creatively taking the painted wall to separate the kid’s room with any other rooms at the house. In fact, that works. This simple painted wall can bring a different dimension of the room and automatically differ the kid’s room with other rooms. The room is then equipped with a colorful floor carpet to match the wall. You can put a working table for your kids and a bookshelf for their dolls and books. So what do you think? Designing a colorful kid’s room can be so simple, right?

Some Ideas For A Modern Dining Room And Kitchen

Some Ideas For A Modern Dining Room And Kitchen

If you happen to have a relatively small flat and you cannot help but merging the dining room and the kitchen, that is just fine. All you have to do is finding the perfect modern dining room and kitchen design which can save you form your design problem. Nowadays, in fact, we can frequently see how the dining room and kitchen are being merged for the space effectiveness. One good example of this modern dining room and kitchen idea is what YCL Studio did with an apartment in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Having a limited space is ot a problem for them, but they turn it into an opportunity to be creative. You can see from the picture that the dining table and the kitchen is beautifully and smoothly merged into one room by a levitating table. This table is just amazingly creative and a perfect table for a lovely dinner at night. The table is made from an oak wood which is well-known for its sturdiness and durability. The surface is covered by white granite countertops which will make sure that the stain or any other liquids are not going to seep through the wood.

Andrius Stepankevičius perfectly shows that through the picture that this dining room-kitchen design is a good idea for everyone. Even though the color is dominated by black, white and the walnut tone, but you can always shake things a little bit by having some bright-colored dining chairs, which the designer did in this design. The designer takes some bright yellow dining chairs to balance the soft color dominance. Another good thing that we can learn by this design is the lighting. If you happen to have a long dining table like this, it will be highly efficient if you pick a large dining lamp like what you see from the pictures. In fact, modern dining room and kitchen design can be very simple!

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