When you have a very hectic day at work and tons of works left, there is nothing which can help you to release your stress, except a comfortable terrace at your house. A nice terrace can be the perfect place for you to enjoy the morning on the weekend or just a place to have a glass of wine at night. This idea is well-visualized by Studio practice team. They work on to make the terrace in one of the apartment in Montreal Canada. The apartment is built nearby the St-Lawrence river, which is perfect for having a comfortable terrace.

Not only is the terrace a perfect place to have release your stress, but a house terrace is good for the home design too. Many home designers argue that having a nice, well-arranged terrace can live up the style of the house. That is something that we can learn from the pictures. A great idea which we can learn from this apartment terrace is the wood floor design. Wood is a natural material which can bring the natural look for the design and warn atmosphere for the homeowners.

Having a floor sofa is another great idea which we can apply at our house terrace. As you may see from the pictures, the color tone of the floor sofa and the wood floor perfectly blend. That is also another thing you should apply for your terrace. Make sure you pick the right sofa for your terrace. You can also install a sofa umbrella for the terrace. This is very important when you frequently enjoy the terrace in the afternoon. With this umbrella, having an iced tea in the afternoon in this terrace will be a great idea, right? At the end of the day, the design of the terrace will absolutely influence the look of the terrace, primarily if you want acomfortable terrace!